SSL Certificates

Why Is SSL Encryption So Important?

Many consumers are still wary about shopping online, and not without good reason: faulty security has led to hundreds of thousands of credit card numbers being shared publicly. Your customers know what it means when a site says it has a secure server. It means TRUST, and without it, they’re not buying. Have you ever purchased something online or entered personal data from a site that didn’t assure you it was secure? Without the consumer confidence that comes from a verified seal and a secure server, a potential sale will be stopped dead in its tracks.

We offer the following SSL Certificate products by DigiCert CA:

  • Secure UNLIMITED SERVERS!Wildcard SSL Certificates (Secure Unlimited Servers & Unlimited Sub-Domains) – Secure Unlimited Servers with ONE SSL Cert! (certification also covers unlimited first-level sub-domains) You get Strong 256 Bit Encryption, Secure Site Seal, & Web PKI to easily manage multiple SSL Certs.
  • Includes Secure Seal FreeDigital Certificates 256 Bit (Web Standard for Security) – Secure web servers and ecommerce websites with Strong 256 Bit Digital Certificate SSL Encryption for only a Fraction of the Cost of brands like Verisign, or Thawte. Site Seal & Web PKI Management included Free!
  • Includes Secure Seal FreeExtended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates – Build Trust – Get the Green Bar
    Increase user confidence with the Highest Level of Identity Authentication. EV Plus secures your base domain with and without “www.” (Unlimited server license available.)
  • Includes Secure Seal FreeUnified Communications (SAN) SSL – Up to 150 domain names
    Secure multiple names with Subject Alternative Names; consolidate multiple SSL/TLS Certificates into a Single DigiCert UC Certificate. Perfect for MS Exchange Server 2007 and Office Communications Server 2007. Starting at $395 (includes 5 domain names)